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Corporate Relocations

Corporate Relocations

When we mention about Corporate Relocations, we mean a responsibility.

When Companies based in Mumbai hire expatriates to come and work in Mumbai, they are in for a huge responsibility of bringing in a family and uproot them from their native place or their current residence. Often, this is found challenging and Companies have lost on good talent because of a lack of a Professional Relocation Company who with great responsibility holds the hands of the incoming family and ensures that their transition to Mumbai is smooth.

At Relocation Mumbai, we just do that, we focus primarily on the Executive and his family needs.

Over the past few years, we have helped companies like Volkswagen, BP, Vodafone, MIAL, Star TV, Pfizer, P&G relocate their Top Management in Mumbai.

We help the administration, legal and finance team understand the market trends in regards to their specific areas and work within the HR policies.

We help Corporates and Companies, standardize the Contracts, Letter of Intents and ensure a process driven approach which helps save time, money and expensive hotel costs.

If you would like to understand from us the entire process or have a confidential move of a Senior Management/CEO/CFO/Legal Head in a Corporation or Company, then request you to please call me Directly on 00 91 9820030685 or email for a personal meeting.