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Mumbai Move-In Tips

Mumbai Move-In Tips

Mumbai is known as the financial capital of India, over the few years, the financial district which was the erstwhile Nariman Point in South Mumbai has shifted to Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) at Bandra East.

Pre-Arrival Services

A few tips while you deciding to Move in to Mumbai or in a Location in Mumbai.

  • Know your finances, as to how much can you pay or your company policy in regards to Monthly Rent, Deposit, High Deposit and Low Rent or Advance Rent.
  • Think about the term/period you will be in Mumbai for.
  • Kids Schooling, as to where the same will be located in Mumbai, either be in South Mumbai or in Suburbs
  • Where is your office located.
  • Out of the office and school, which one do you need to be closer to.
  • Are you going against the traffic or with the traffic both sides
  • Which locations offer better value for money, even if they are further north, if they are not too far away. This can be considered if you saving money for yourself out of your rental allowance.

For a deep understanding of Relocation, may we recommend a meeting with us to give you a detailed brief on the same.