Living in Mumbai - Visa Needs


All visitors to India need to obtain an Indian Visa before they arrive in India. Applying for a visa is a straight forward process, however it may take time. If you need a visa in a short period of time then usually a short term visa is issued and then a long term visa. Type of visa cannot be changed in India. There are different types of visas- Employment Visa, Business Visa, Tourist Visa, Spouse or Dependent Visa. For those who travel in and out of India often, make sure you apply for a multiple entry visa.

Health Regulations

You must be vaccinated before you arrive in India since diseases such as hepatitis A and B, typhoid, polio, tetanus, and tuberculosis are present here.
A good international medical insurance and travel insurance must be taken before you arrive.


If you are coming with pets, make sure you have them vaccinated against rabies prior to your departure. You must consider the quarantine regulations and the transit time from your country of origin.


You will need to consider the time for the packing and moving of your household good to your port of departure. Transit times vary and it depends on the regularity of the ships departing for Mumbai. It can take longer if ships have any stop overs. Mumbai has two ports. The quickest option is Navi Mumbai

Below mentioned is the length of time shipments take from various ports of departure:

  • SE Asia- 3 weeks
  • N Asia- 6 weeks
  • USA and Canada- 3-4 weeks
  • Europe 3-4 weeks
  • Africa- 3-4 weeks
  • Australia – 6-7 weeks

You might be required to travel to the customs dock to be present for your shipment inspection.

Culture Shock

There are chances you might go through a culture shock when you arrive in Mumbai. If you are an expat then it will take you a while to get used to and adjust to the environment. The expat community in Mumbai is very welcoming and supportive. There are many opportunities to meet others informally through social clubs, health, sports etc.

However you will also meet a lot of Indians who are very warm and friendly through business schools or clubs so you must not limit yourself to the expat community.