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Look and Feel Trip

Look and feel trips are important as it gives you a better perspective on where you should live and how you would manage your day to day chores.

Sandeep Sadh, CEO, Relocation Mumbai

Our look and field trips include:

  • Location Orientation where we will show you around all the best locations of Mumbai which will help you decide which location would best fit your criterion.
  • Supermarkets- we will guide you through all the supermarkets where you can get all items local or imported.
  • Department Stores- there are a number of department stores in all locations where you can purchase all your requirements like clothes, electronics, home appliances etc.
  • Hospitals- it is always good to know what hospitals are nearby and there are hospitals in most of the localities.
  • Restaurants/clubs- Mumbai has endless number of restaurants to choose from if you want to go out for a mean or even order in. We will keep you well informed about the best restaurants on the trip. Also a good mobile app to download is Zomato which gives you all the information of every restaurant and club in Mumbai city according to the area you select.
  • Neighborhoods and Localities: Choosing a locality might depend on your location of your office or your children’s school. Also it depends on your budget. Bandra, Juhu, Andheri, South Mumbai are few of the expat friendly locations and the best places to live in Mumbai.
  • Nightlife: Mumbai night is known as the city that never sleeps. Mumbai’s hot and pulsating nightlife brags about bars, clubs and lounges with live music, food and drinks. Some of the popular venues we can show you around are: Blue Frog, Libai, Cheval, The Dome, Asilo and so on.