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Pre-Arrival Services


A lot of Expats get to hear that Mumbai is a difficult city to relocate and they hear stories of different sorts and a lot of people make up a certain image about the city.

We would maintain, that Mumbai is just like any other city, in fact a lot more easy going and convenient once you understand the city.

In Relocation, the Rules are pretty simple we stick to the following 3 basic Rules of Relocation. Our CEO has coined these and we follow that to the core. This process based guidance plan has been appreciated by a lot of expat families who have worked with us in the past.

Pre-Arrival Services

Relocation, specializes in the Expatriate Relocation and covers nearly each spectrum of the Relocation. Relocation typically, has 2 sides of it, one being the Individual needs and second being what the city offers. With our deep understanding of the city and a fair idea on an expatriate lifestyle, we are able to do a City Orientation with far more ease, giving you utmost clarity on the City and its trends.

Our Relocation Services broadly cover the following, while we are with the family travelling around, we also cover as many aspects of City Living while Driving around which may not be covered in writing.

  • Understanding the needs of the expat and his family.
  • Overview of the City and Lifestyle
  • Basic and Specific information on the City
  • Explaining the challenges an Expatriate faces in the City
  • Advice on cost of living
  • Advising on the Location to settle, based on the Individuals need
  • Orienting with the City’s Geography
  • Answering specific queries by the Expatriate

Look and Feel Trip Services:

Identifying most important places for an Expatriate

Shopping Malls, Schools, Recreation Facilities, Hospitals and any other place required by an Expatriate as per his requirement. We take an impromptu decision on the field to address the Expatriates needs, while the family also gets acquainted to their own needs and requirements.

Visit to Apartments

We arrange to show you a few apartments in a few micro locations, which are of significance to you based on the office location. We very fondly, like to remember our 3 basis rules of Relocation.

Kids First, Wife Second and Husband Third.

We choose the locations based on the School in case of a family settling as we understand the anxiety levels which the Mom goes through at home with Mumbai’s crazy traffic at times.