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Settling in Services

Settling in Services in Mumbai for Expatriates

When we say, settling in, it has a huge scope of services, looking it from the real estate and housing side, we have our own way to decipher it!!

Shortlisting Property

When we shortlist a property to be finalized or before negotiations, we like to understand the current and future issues, it could be as small as fixing an internet connection, but fitting at the right place without loose wires hanging is important.

We like to iron out most of the issues and defects or paint marks, or chips in the tiles, or a soiled toilet block, or a noise issue in the Air-Conditioner at day one itself.

We like to get into minute details and look it from the eyes of the family and our focus remains a lot on the safety and security of the family.

Inspection prior to Execution

We always maintain that prior to we sign the Leave and License agreements, we must go and see the apartment/premises so that we know that all is well. If we see any thing missing, then we immediately address it to the Owners so they can get the same done in the scope of things to do.

Scope of Things - Who to do what!!

Unlike, a lot of other countries, Relocation in Mumbai is quiet different, it could be a very easy going lease or a stressful, because of the changes required in the apartment and every thing costs money, either its the property owner/landlord paying the bills or you paying them depends on your needs and requests which have been agreed upon much earlier at the time of negotiations.


Most of the apartments come with Gas and Telephone lines unless its a new block. The most important thing you need is a good Internet Connection to begin your life with and there after a Cable Connection, Gas Connection and a Telephone line.

Most of these services can be applied for prior to the execution of the agreement either by the owner or by the expatriate or the company. It all depends on the day one agreements and determining the scope of works in the apartment.

Annual Maintenance Service Contracts

You will need only a few AMC on Air-Conditioner, Water Filter, Washing Machines, Ovens etc.

This again is dependent on negotiations as to who bears what expenses, typically, we would maintain that all these expenses are to be done by the tenant as he or she is using the equipment and appliances, in the case of a major default than the owner replaces in case they are older than 3 years. Day to day repairs are to be carried with the tenant subject to the usage.

Bank Accounts

Opening a Bank Account is very easy in Mumbai. Identify the bank to begin with and you take your Passport, Visa, Employment Docs, Residence Proof and Pictures and you are done. Most of the Banks in Mumbai have online banking, you can put all your utility bills like electricity, telephone, mobile, internet, cable on auto debit and you dont have to worry about paying them.