Docs for FRRO

You are required to be present at the time of Registration and at the same time if you have any other family members (partner/spouse/children) who have accompanied you to Mumbai, then you need to register them as well.

Typical Documents required for FRRO Registration

  • Registration Form.
  • Original Passport.
  • Passport Copies.
  • Passport size photographs
  • Letter of undertaking (On company letterhead and stamped with the company seal) from the Indian employer for an employment visa or the assignee company for a business visa.
  • Cover letter (On the company’s letterhead) from the employer/ assignee company confirming your application.
  • Employment contract stating your salary, position and tenure for an employment visa.
  • Certificate of incorporation of the Indian entity.
  • Copy of the PAN card or passport of the person signing the documents. (Indian national or Resident)
  • Proof of place of residence in Mumbai (Housing agreement or hotel booking)
  • Marriage Certificate (If accompanying spouse)
  • Money for the visa charges, Foreigners Registration Booklet issue, photocopying etc. (the rates keep changing find the current rate for your visa and nationality type)